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» Neue Version der OpenStreetMap History Database (OSHDB) von HeiGIT veröffentlicht
25.04.2019 Alexander Zipf

Neue Version der OpenStreetMap History Database (OSHDB) von HeiGIT veröffentlicht


The OpenStreetMap History Database (OSHDB) is what powers most of the functionality of HeiGIT’s  platform. The  for example, which was often  here in the blog, is built on top of the OSHDB. Just recently, an open access software article about the OSHDB was published. Check it out to find out more about the conceptual and technical background behind the OSHDB!

The newest version of the OSHDB is 0.5.0 and forms an important milestone on our way to provide you with the perfect tool to analyse OSM history data. Here are the three most important highlights of this release:

  1. Stability and performance: The main goal was to make the OSHDB framework more stable and more performant. It can now handle the global OSM full history dataset (which is ) with ease. This allows for example everyone to   of the OSM project, or to answer research questions about OSM history data.
  2. New features: There are also a couple of  included in the new release, for example the possibility to calculate median and quantiles, a completely rewritten and much more flexible way to calculate aggregated result for arbitrary subsets of the queried OSM data including a way to aggregate results by sub-regions.
  3. Documentation: Last but not least, the project repository finally got a proper  section that explains the concepts and features of the OSHDB in detail.

Take a look at our  of version 0.5 to see the full list of all major changes in this version. If you’re upgrading from a previous version of the OSHDB: note that we updated some of our dependencies and that the central libary  is now maintained by a different company. This means that you might have to adjust import statements as explained in their .

You can find the OSHDB  as open-source under the LGPLv3 license on github. Don’t hesitate to  there if you encounter any bugs or are missing a particular feature in the OSHDB and feel free to contact us via email to .

Please cite this reference paper if you are using the ohsome plattform and oshdb in particular:

Raifer, M, Troilo, R, Kowatsch, F, Auer, M, Loos, L, Marx, S, Przybill, K, Fendrich, S, Mocnik, FB & Zipf, A (2019): . Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards, .

Earlier work on using the platform, see e.g.:

Auer, M.; Eckle, M.; Fendrich, S.; Griesbaum, L.; Kowatsch, F.; Marx, S.; Raifer, M.; Schott, M.; Troilo, R.; Zipf, A. (2018): Towards Using the Potential of OpenStreetMap History for Disaster Activation Monitoring. ISCRAM 2018. Rochester. NY. US.

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» Neue Version der OpenStreetMap History Database (OSHDB) von HeiGIT veröffentlicht
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