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» Miteinander Mappen: Mapathon am Montag (07.05.)
04.05.2018 Alexander Zipf

Miteinander Mappen: Mapathon am Montag (07.05.)

Die Abteilung Geoinformatik und die disastermappers heidelberg laden wieder herzlich ein zum ersten offenen OSM Mapathon dieses Semester am Geographischen Institut der Universität Heidelberg:

We would like to invite you to the first mapathon, mapping party, mapswipeathon of this semester, which will be focusing on Nepal. (Just in time with the upcoming talk at the HGG on tuesday.) :D

When? 07.05.2018, 6 pm
here? Geographisches Institut, Berliner Straße 48, EG (Lecture Hall / PC Pool)

Our mapathon is organized in collaboration with the Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) team. KLL is a young civic technology company from Nepal which uses OpenStreetMap and other open source tools to foster economic growth and provide everyday citizens with better services. We already supported KLL and mapping efforts in Nepal during the last couple of years, e.g. before and after the 2015 earthquake.

Just recently, the head of KLL, Nama Budhathoki, was visiting Heidelberg and gave a talk at the colloquium of the GIScience Research Group. We’re happy to stay in contact with his group and are able to support their work with our mapathon.

We will moreover give an introduction into OpenStreetMap mapping, therefore there is no previous knowledge necessary. Just bring your own laptop and mouse if available.

Snacks and drinks will for sure be provided!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The partnership with KLL has led to the extension of the OpenRouteService for disaster management and a joint effort on an OSM analytics dashboard.

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» Miteinander Mappen: Mapathon am Montag (07.05.)
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